Dr Obi was very reassuring on initial consult. He relieved the anxiety and his diagnostic plan is right on target.
Granville B. | Feb 04, 2024

Dr Bryczkowski was very thorough about my upcoming surgery
Katherine G. | Feb 02, 2024

Dr.Imegwu has saved my life on at least 2 occasions. He has an excellent bedside manner. I recommend him to all my family and friends.
Alice S. | Feb 01, 2024

Support staff, especially the scheduler, was fantastic! Surgeon was very friendly! I would strongly suggest that seniors are encouraged to bring along a sharper companion: I woke up in the middle of the night with a mind full of questions for the doctor!
Ben S. | Jan 31, 2024

outstanding and i am gratefull
John M. | Jan 30, 2024

Dr B is special. Listens to ones concerns and quickly addresses a course of action JIM
James L. | Jan 24, 2024

The doctors nurse practitioner that I saw was great but my concern was the nurse who came to the waiting room to get me. She was very abrupt rush me into the room, took my blood pressure tell me it was high and then left, never came back to retake the blood pressure to see if it had lowered. I informed her that I was in severe pain and that is probably why my blood pressure was so elevated. She did not have any concerns
Judy G. | Jan 24, 2024

Truly great Doctor
Michael M. | Jan 20, 2024

Great team
Richard J. | Jan 20, 2024

Dr Bryczkowski was very thorough and explained what procedure I need.
Katherine G. | Jan 18, 2024

Dr. Burkowski was very attentive and explained everything I needed to know about the issues I was experiencing with my hernia. She was patient and kind. I am very grateful that I was referred to her.
Helen P. | Jan 17, 2024

Doctor Imegwu and his team are outstanding
Robert T. | Jan 12, 2024

Dr. B was amazing from the first day i came into the office to schedule my appointment through post surgery. I had to have a hernia repaired and she asked questions to see what would be the best option for me. She was very thorough with the information letting me know exactly what was going to be done. On the day of surgery Dr. B and all of the staff at the hospital made me feel very comfortable and made me feel much better about having the surgery as I was really nervous. It has been 10 days post surgery and my healing process is going really well. Thanks Dr. B and all of your staff for everything!
Chaquana E. | Jan 09, 2024

Dr. imegwu takes his time and really listens. He is very caring. A terrific doctor.
Gertrude D. | Jan 05, 2024

Dr. Seenivasan was very caring and thorough. He explained everything related to my current medical condition and asked me repeatedly if I had any (more) questions as we discussed the remedy. This was a very positive experience with the surgeon as well as the entire office staff.
Florence B. | Jan 02, 2024

I injured myself late October and my hernia surgery was mid November. back to doing everything I enjoy by Dec 16. Recovery was pretty much pain free and did not need to relay on any additional medication outside of a few Tylenol. Would highly recoommend.
Robert I. | Dec 28, 2023

Great thanks
Robert P. | Dec 27, 2023

Very thorough practice. Highly recommend.
Phyllis N. | Dec 26, 2023

Very well spoken, cooperative and had excellent knowledge of the condition I had. Definitely recommend!
Xavier S. | Dec 24, 2023

Good very detailed
ALBERT D. | Dec 20, 2023

Robert H. | Dec 16, 2023

Dr. Imegwu and his team provides a professional and informative experience each time I visit. Dr. Imegwu is patient, considerate and attentive when providing care. He takes the time to explain his treatment and answers my questions at a level I can clearly understand, I leave each visit feeling comfortable and respected. I highly recommend him.
Douglas B. | Dec 12, 2023

Very satisfied with doctors and staff. Surgery went very well.
Gordon T. | Dec 11, 2023

We put our trust in you & staff .
Andrea B. | Dec 08, 2023

Everyone at Somerset Surgical was helpful and professional. Dr. Sugarmann took good care of me and all my questions were addressed in a straight-forward and understandable manner. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Thomas Z. | Dec 03, 2023

Everyone was very professional and kind.
Stephen P. | Nov 29, 2023

Great explanation from a super nice doc. And I am delighted to know my problem can be taken care of.
Hannah P. | Nov 29, 2023

Doctor was very nice and professional.
John M. | Nov 28, 2023

Dr Sugarmann and his surgical team were amazing. They were very responsive, performed an emergency appendectomy surgery flawlessly, and kept me informed throughout the process. I was able to be discharged in the late afternoon the day of my surgery and was walking 1-2 miles each day afterwards. His office kept in touch with me to make sure I was doing well. The process was virtually flawless from the moment I entered the emergency room until I was discharged.
Jonathan D. | Nov 21, 2023

Antonio C. | Nov 17, 2023

Very happy with the care and time spent explaining things. So important for a patient to feel that their physician understands and listens to them. Dr. Imegwu does.
Janice R. | Nov 17, 2023

Dr. Sugarmann – Thank you very much for taking care of my medical issue/problem. I really appreciate how you explained the problem, the proposed surgical procedure and the risks in simple easy to understand language. Your expertise gave me the needed confidence in dealing with this problem. Thank you !!!
Kiran K. | Nov 16, 2023

Very kind and helpful.
Matthew J. | Nov 14, 2023

Dr. Imegwu – Thank you for the outstanding services, performed by you, and members of your staff. Thanks for the encouragement and uplifting words throughout my procedures, it took the fear away. Through God’s grace, you gave me a second chance of hope and empowerment, I am now again walking miles that were once filled with pain and discomfort. Again, thank you! Andrea R.
Andrea R. | Nov 09, 2023

The staff, esp Dr Imegwu, were exceptional!
Ellen H. | Nov 08, 2023

The whole staff was very friendly. The doctor was very friendly and very knowledgeable, and put me at ease with the whole procedure. Very happy.
Peter F. | Nov 08, 2023

Dr. Seenivasan and his staff are awesome!
Darlene S. | Nov 07, 2023

Very attentive and personable.
Laurinda E. | Nov 01, 2023

Compassionate and highly skilled Vascular Surgeon in whom I have placed 100% trust and confidence in the surgeries he has performed on my arteries.
Sharon L. | Nov 01, 2023

Everyone was very professional and curtious
Anthony B. | Oct 30, 2023

Everyone was professional and had a genuine concern for my care. The front desk personnel, nurse and doctor made my experience a very positive one. Thank you.
Helen S. | Oct 30, 2023

Carl W. | Oct 26, 2023

First time in Doctor Sugarmann’s office, a true health professional. He first made sure what he really had to proceed with an appropriate surgery. He explained to me the causes why I have an inguinal hernia, he was very patient when explaining it to me since my first language is Spanish and it is more difficult to understand in medical terms.
Maria E. | Oct 25, 2023

Dr Imegwu is just fantastic. Not much more to add but amazing doctor and person.
Walter F. | Oct 25, 2023

Very good.
John C. | Oct 25, 2023

My visit was very useful and Dr. Seenivasan put me on the right path to further investigate my health issues.
Karuppan B. | Oct 25, 2023

everyone was great
Alice Y. | Oct 25, 2023

She explained everything clearly, she took her time to examine my father’s wound, very kind and care doctor
Luis G. | Oct 24, 2023

Dr. Sarah Bryczkowski is an excellent surgeon. She’s very understanding and listens to your concerns. She takes time with the patient and help them to answer their questions. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a specialist.
Ishu K. | Oct 23, 2023

They were Awesome, went in there a mess left there with ease. With that being said im less nervous about getting my procedure done.
Vladimir M. | Oct 23, 2023

Problen with right foot
Sheldon B. | Oct 20, 2023

Had a great experience with Doctor, Sreenivasan!!!
Ravinder S. | Oct 20, 2023

Dr. Imegwu is very personable and explained my diagnosis and procedures very clearly and thoroughly.
Stephanie C. | Oct 20, 2023

It was awesome. Everyone is very nice and helpful and friendly.
Ida C. | Oct 19, 2023

Dr Seenivasan is knowledgeable and explains things clearly and concisely. His support staff are also top-notch
Sheck C. | Oct 19, 2023

Highly professional and equally courteous.
Dilesh K. | Oct 19, 2023

Another satisfactory experience. Everyone was pleasant and professional.
Leslie F. | Oct 19, 2023

Dr. Seenivasan is very professional and would recommend for anyone needing a surgical procedure.
Brian K. | Oct 18, 2023

Good experience
Clairesse F. | Oct 15, 2023

So far good experience
Frank T. | Oct 14, 2023

Great doctors and staff.
Frances G. | Oct 13, 2023

As always Dr. Imegwu is AWESOME! He is completely thorough and knowledgeable with explanations about my condition, he doesn’t rush through the process of what my tests were. He gives clear and consice information and puts it in layman’s terms for me to understand. HIs drawings are magnificent, it makes me feel good that he’s so detailed in his diagnosis and he’s patient when I ask a lot of questions. 5 stars are not enough, he should have at least have 20. Thank you Dr. Imegwu for all you do, you’re the best, my wife and I tell everyone we know about you.
Henry W. | Sep 05, 2023

Excellent care
George T. | Aug 15, 2023

Dr. Imegwu is a pleasure to deal with . He is very knowledgeable and very sociable . I enjoy my discussions with him about a myriad of subjects .
Robert M. | Aug 12, 2023

Good service
Maria R. | Aug 08, 2023

We were pleased to not have to wait at this visit! A treat! Dr. Seenivasin was pleasant friendly and kind as always. A joy to have a Dr. that is interested and interesting. We have found a common interest in the LBI beach area and hope to see him there. We hope we don’t need him medically in the future but would recommend him highly to others. He gave us back our lives with his expertise in helping Bill Frey recover.
William F. | Jul 12, 2023

Dr. Sarah B. was so wonderful, she made me comfortable and the surgery was a success and recovery is quickly progressing.
Debra D. | Jul 10, 2023

Dr Sugarmann and the entire team were great to work with. Had a good experience from when I walked in to when I left
Susan B. | Jun 30, 2023

Very well run practice. Staff is competent and professional. Dr Imegwu is a superior doctor. His skill is clearly evident and he is completely present to his patient. He is patient,kind, encouraging and considerate.
Marie P. | Jun 20, 2023

Dr. B, being the skilled craftswoman that she is, put my insides back together after a massive infection almost claimed my life. She is compassionate and caring and I had an all around excellent experience with her. Would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs intestinal/bowel surgery. Thanks again Dr. B!
Phil P. | Jun 06, 2023

Was good the dr is good!! And professional.
Alba T. | Jun 01, 2023

Pleasant follow up to surgery. Scar looks good.
Linda W. | Jun 01, 2023

Anne M. | May 27, 2023

Everyone was nice
Eleanor G. | May 27, 2023

Dr Seeninvasan is amazingly thorough, efficient, and extremely caring. He takes the time to explain the medical issues and processes in details and he answers his patients’ questions with a great deal of patience and a good sense of humor. He spares no effort or time to help his patients in any way he can. He’s a great doctor and a lovely human being. His staff is also wonderfully kind and helpful. Great office all around!
Lorraine P. | May 25, 2023

Dr was thorough and recommended further tests.
Marie L. | May 24, 2023

Everyone was professional
Martin S. | May 20, 2023

This was my first visit and it was very pleasant. Everyone was very nice and on time.
Paula W. | May 18, 2023

Dr. Cindy Vossen is a great doctor very kind understanding and very knowledgeable also the staff is very kind and considerate always in a good mood
Peter F. | May 16, 2023

Very impressed with the staff as well as Dr Imegwu
Helena M. | May 13, 2023

Dr, Imegwu is very easy to speak with, answers all you questions, very detailed when going over what you need to get done. Has a very friendly office staff and PA associate.
Carmela M. | May 10, 2023

Extremely caring.
Karina S. | May 10, 2023

Dr. Imegwu and his staff are very professional and caring at the same time!
Linda P. | May 06, 2023

Very good
Eugene J. | May 04, 2023

Excellent Dr . Listens carefully and Explains in easy to understand ways
Teresa L. | May 02, 2023

Dr Bryczkowski was a very personable and caring Dr. She was just amazing how she did my surgery and fix my small intestines
Kevin E. | May 01, 2023

He listened to my every concern and followed with my cancer care dr.
Warren R. | May 01, 2023

The staff was very personable and the doctor was very patient and explained everything to me in a kind and professional manner.
Patricia G. | Apr 29, 2023

As always Dr. Imegwu provided my health status. Office was clean. Staff was friendly and follow is scheduled. Jerry Zappa
Gerald Z. | Apr 28, 2023

Very thorough and professional.
Michael K. | Apr 28, 2023

Dr. Sugarman explained everything very well to me and the staff was great. I was very satisfied with my first visit to the office.
Rita D. | Apr 26, 2023

Very friendly and professional
Christian G. | Apr 26, 2023

Had to wait over an hour
Barbara B. | Apr 26, 2023

Erika J. | Apr 22, 2023

Excellent doctor, he explained everything meticulously. Great staff. I feel lucky to have him in my corner..
Cyrus W. | Apr 21, 2023

My procedure went well , Dr Imegwu is very nice and compassionate with his patients .he explains everything before he starts the procedure.
Maria A. | Apr 21, 2023

Everything went well with ablation procedure. Post-procedure instructions are clear, awaiting secondary procedure for foam.
Bruce T. | Apr 17, 2023

Great doctor great staff
Diane M. | Apr 17, 2023

Reema P. | Apr 16, 2023

No wait time, Dr Sugarmann answered all my questions in a friendly and professional manner
William B. | Apr 15, 2023

Great team and no pain
Jane M. | Apr 14, 2023

Jane B. | Apr 13, 2023

Very professional courteous and helpful
Robert H. | Apr 11, 2023

Every aspect of my treatment was handled in a professional and still friendly way. The surgery went as planned and my recovery is going as expected.
Stephen P. | Apr 10, 2023

Very understanding and explains everything thoroughly.
Robert G. | Apr 08, 2023

comfortable and confident experience.
Steve D. | Apr 05, 2023

Made me feel very comfortable.
Sharon M. | Apr 04, 2023

Dr. B was awesome. My surgery involved some unexpected complications which she easily remedied. Her confident and calming mannerisms were very comforting. I hope I do not need additional surgery, but if I do, I would definitely return to Dr. B.
Francine G. | Apr 04, 2023

Dr. Sugarmann’s care and concern for me were apparent from the beginning. His questions and comments were all focused on my concerns and well-being. I highly recommend him.
Gerard M. | Apr 03, 2023

dr seenivasan is the best! he ended my pain and gave me back my active life! the office staff was very helpful and friendly . a very positive experience.
Susan A. | Mar 30, 2023

very good
Frank I. | Mar 29, 2023

Dr. Imegwu is very thorough in explaining the diagnosis and in answering any questions that I have. He takes the appropriate time and I never feel that I am being pressured to leave.
Luis A. | Mar 28, 2023

Dr. Bryczkowski and her staff were friendly and the doctor went over the information thoroughly.
Adrienne O. | Mar 28, 2023

John L. | Mar 27, 2023

Always a positive experience. Dr. Imegwu is very detailed and knowledgeable about my situation. He keeps up with my situation and my wife and I are extremely grateful for his attention to details regarding my situation especially at my age. Thank you
Henry W. | Mar 27, 2023

Excellent bedside manner , thorough examination & explains everything thoroughly . Mary
Mary E. | Mar 27, 2023

My experience with Dr Imegwu was very satisfactory.
Norma O. | Mar 24, 2023

Everyone wss helpfull even at the front desk
Linda W. | Mar 24, 2023

Excellent doctor. He has a great personality, makes you feel comfortable and explains everything so you understand what will be happening. I have used Dr Imegwu for multiple procedures over the years.
Michael P. | Mar 24, 2023

It was a great experience. The office staff was pleasant and promptly responded to my questions. There was no lengthy wait time. When I met with the doctor’s assistant, she was very thoughtful and professional. When I met with the doctor, he was kind and thorough in his examination and explanations. He responded to my questions, and I felt comfortable, and well advised of the next steps. I left the office feeling hopeful. Thank you.
Carolyn J. | Mar 23, 2023

Very good on detail to prepare you.
David A. | Mar 23, 2023

Zulema S. | Mar 21, 2023

Caring, knowledgeable & easy to talk to! Very patient with answering questions & family members. She had my complete trust for my surgery
Laura C. | Mar 20, 2023

Michael T. | Mar 20, 2023

Prakash D. | Mar 17, 2023

Very professional make you feel comfortable, I liked.
Rosario R. | Mar 16, 2023

Vincent C. | Mar 16, 2023

Dr Sugarmann is a skilled surgeon who is very kind & compassionate. All of the staff in the office are pleasant and professional.
Harriet F. | Mar 15, 2023

He is the best doctor. Very professional I trust my life with him.
Harding M. | Mar 14, 2023

Dr. Seenivasan is such a personable Dr.! A fine surgeon!
Kathleen W. | Mar 14, 2023

Very Good all Questions answers
Robert H. | Mar 14, 2023

Gail M. | Mar 14, 2023

Very caring. Wonderful doctor and staff
Joann D. | Mar 09, 2023

everything was fine
Shirley C. | Mar 09, 2023

Dr Imegwu and the entire staff are excellent. The doctor explained my leg issues to the extent that I had absolutely no questions, I just knew it was the right thing to do. I had to talk with quite a few of the staff members to set up my in office leg surgery. They were all extremely helpful with my insurance, and the dates of the procedures. I would recommend them to anybody.
David B. | Mar 08, 2023

DR Imegwu has been my doctor for 5 years Great doctor, always explains the diagnosis so its easy to understand. One of the best surgeons I know.
Rodney C. | Mar 07, 2023

I was initially frightened but was put at ease with the easy, friendly, confident professional atmosphere of the team. After the procedure I feel I had the best doctor in his field to work on me and would recommend him highly. It is so nice to feel confident in your doctor and his team.
Lynne K. | Mar 02, 2023

DR. Seenivasan, was very caring about my Health and I APPRECIATE it very much. & Pamela R. Surgical Coordinator your so good at what you do. Thanks, Benjamin B.
Benjamin B. | Mar 02, 2023

Very kind and helpful.I am walking on my own without assistance
Diane C. | Mar 02, 2023

I waited for an hour to see the dr & had no notification how behind the dr was running etc. Aside from the extended delay, the dr was knowledgeable & kind & listened to why I was there & did take his time explaining everything as he went along . I would definitely recommend this Dr but maybe get an appointment early in the day to avoid running behind.
Dierdre M. | Mar 01, 2023

Even though my surgeon had an emergency to attend to I was seen at my specified appointment time and Dr. Sugarmann was a joy to speak to. He gave me all of the info that I needed, he was encouraging and I couldn’t be more pleased with my appointment.
Mark K. | Mar 01, 2023

Dr. Imegwu is a wonderful surgeon and very caring to his patients.
Gertrude D. | Feb 28, 2023

She is amazing. The entire staff is exceptional. I would highly recommend them to everyone. She definitely takes pride in her work and is so caring and helpful with her patients. Great experience over all .
Melinda D. | Feb 26, 2023

Very friendly and professional service
Pawel K. | Feb 24, 2023

Gloria S. | Feb 24, 2023

Since my two operations performed by Dr. Imegwu. I have regained mobility that I didn’t realize I was missing. Overall quality of life is “great”.
Richard H. | Feb 24, 2023

Great with patient. Staff so nice. Doctor wonderful.
Barbara C. | Feb 24, 2023

At my visit with Dr. Imegwu, I was very comfortable with his sharing of my situation. The nurses and his staff are very sociable and polite. I am so glad that I am a patient of Dr. Imegwu. Thank you, Charlotte De Marco
Charlotte D. | Feb 24, 2023

Great staff ….professional ….fun ….informative and Dr. Imegwu takes his time in explaining everything in layman’s terms so easy to understand what your procedure will be ….also has a pretty good artistic flair for drawing diagrams. Very caring.
Sharon L. | Feb 24, 2023

Dr. Imegwu is great. He takes his time to explain things you and really listens to your concern. Highly recommend him.
Maria G. | Feb 22, 2023

Great Experience
Majette T. | Feb 21, 2023

It was a great experience even with the long wait. Friendly staff honest and open doctor
Monica S. | Feb 18, 2023

Dr called and explained my visit to my son as well.
Hong Q. | Feb 18, 2023

Professional staff and the DR didn’t rush my appointment
John L. | Feb 17, 2023

Very descriptive and informative He makes you feel comfortable with procedures
Frank G. | Feb 17, 2023

Everyone was very nice and helpful to me during my stay at the office. You personally made me comfortable and I feel reassured that this procedure will help me going forward. However, I do not feel I can “golf” today ….. guess being 90 allows me to take longer to bounce back. Bergit Thompson
Bergit T. | Feb 17, 2023

John M. | Feb 17, 2023

The employees are kind and Compassionate.
Heather S. | Feb 16, 2023

Errol W. | Feb 15, 2023

Dr. Bryczkowski was attentive, responsive to questions and spent adequate time making sure we covered all issues.
Theodore D. | Feb 14, 2023

Susan B. | Feb 13, 2023

Fast, clean and kind
Katie S. | Feb 13, 2023

I would put my life in the HANDS of these great surgeons. Ralph lombardi
Ralph L. | Feb 13, 2023

Dr Seenivasan is a very good doctor. He listens and explains in detail the situation.
Dolf D. | Feb 12, 2023

The dr was professional and informative
Susan A. | Feb 10, 2023

He listen very carefully to my concerns and it was great
Mirsad H. | Feb 09, 2023

Very friendly and professional. Gave a lot of information.
David C. | Feb 08, 2023

The Dr was very therow with what I needed to have done. Everything was explained to me step by step. Office staff very friendly and helpful . Dr was very professional and friendly. I was recommend very highly.
Carmela M. | Feb 08, 2023

1st class. Very professional and the best surgeons that you can rest assure you are in great hands. .several times they operated on me and gave me a much better life. God must guide their hands. Ralph lombardi
Ralph L. | Feb 06, 2023

I was out at ease the moment I went into the examine room. The procedure was pain free and explained every step of the way.
Sheryl P. | Feb 03, 2023

Always professional and great service
Francis M. | Feb 02, 2023

Every detail of both procedures were explained thoroughly all my questions were answered& all my concerns were addressed&listened to.I was treated respectfully&friendly by Staff.The wait in the waiting room was long&the wait in the examination was long guessDr.was quite busy this day but it is worth the wait when you get Quality
Barbara D. | Feb 01, 2023

All personnel was totally outstanding
John R. | Jan 31, 2023

My appointment was on time. The staff was professional. Dr. Sugarman was through. The waiting room was spacious and not crowded.
Paul P. | Jan 25, 2023

Muy buen doctor exelent
Maria G. | Jan 25, 2023

The whole staff is pleasant. The doctor is personable. I’ve never had to wait long in the waiting room.
Shawn W. | Jan 24, 2023

Wonderful office environment staff was great and I loved the doctor. Everybody was very kind and explained everything to me. I would recommend Somerset surgical to everyone they all went the extra mile
Joanne J. | Jan 21, 2023

Everyone was professional, pleasant and helpful and I did not wait long to be called.
Alice A. | Jan 20, 2023

Staff was friendly and helpful, the doctor was very responsive to my desire to prioritize health issues and also answered my questions on the ultrasound report. Wasted no time in getting me scheduled for surgery to repair hernia. I would give 5 stars except for a long wait to see doctor (over an hour) was a little annoying.
Cameron S. | Jan 20, 2023

Everyone was very nice and very professional, it was a good experience. Pamela has excellent Patient Service skills. And the Doctor answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable.
Jeff G. | Jan 20, 2023

Very satisfied with staff & Doctor Seenivasan service. Keeps me well informed.
Zenaida D. | Jan 20, 2023

Dr Sugarman was very professional, and he has a great and a great sense of humor. He spent a lot of time explaining the surgical procedure that I needed to have performed. Everything went well and I am recovering with very little pain. The staff at his office were very friendly and efficient. I highly recommend him and his entire surgical group.
Samuel W. | Jan 20, 2023

All staff was friendly and professional. They answered all my questions. Very satisfied
Nancy L. | Jan 19, 2023

The staff was very personable and helpful. The doctor was very easy to talk to and spent a good amount of time answering all my questions. He was very thorough in his responses.
Jeanine B. | Jan 18, 2023

The staff are very friendly and courteous. Dr Seenivasan is knowledgeable and concerned. He comes in up to date on the reason for your visit and if it’s a follow-up he spends time and relays all information in a way you can understand. He answers questions thoroughly. Highly recommend this office and Dr. Seenivasan.
Dolores W. | Jan 17, 2023

John S. | Jan 15, 2023

In time and painless suture removal. Jerry Zappa
Gerald Z. | Jan 07, 2023

The Office facility is well maintained and Courteous service was provided
Sanjeev S. | Jan 06, 2023

Always pleasant! Takes the time to listen.
Isabelle C. | Dec 30, 2022

Dr. Sugarmann was friendly and efficient, I highly recommend! The front desk staff is friendly too and answered all my questions.
Asha M. | Dec 22, 2022

Everyone in the office was pleasant, helpful, polite, and knowledgeable. Dr. Imegwu is a fantastic surgeon and has a great bedside manner and in the office he is very patient and answered all my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Imegwu.
Rosemarie N. | Dec 21, 2022

Doctor Sugarmann was awesome with my son. He took extra time to talk to him and answered all of our questions. He is a wonderful, caring doctor!
Matthew D. | Dec 20, 2022

Dr Sugarmann is excellent!
Michael G. | Dec 20, 2022

Great experience Dr. Sugarman walked me through the steps I need to take to bring down my hemanatoma
Felix V. | Dec 19, 2022

Could Dr Obi call me.908 581 7018
Gerhard R. | Dec 17, 2022

Dr Sugarmann is excellent. Wonderful at explaining procedure and my recovery after surgery was very quick and no problems.
Christine H. | Dec 16, 2022

Great bedside manor. Pleasant and professional staff.
Gregory S. | Dec 15, 2022

As always while procedure is somewhat of a challenge.Dr Obi Is always most cordial . Fiori also wonderful. Would have been in order to have Lilly come into examining room after procedure to check if all is ok with final instructions ( better bedside manner.
Gerhard R. | Dec 14, 2022

Long wait, but Dr. and staff very professional and courteous.
Joy S. | Dec 13, 2022

Dr sugarmann is an excellent surgeon, he explains everything well and you do not feel rushed , he takes his time with you and has a great sense of humor , Jen his surgery scheduler did a great job also
Kevin A. | Dec 13, 2022

Thanks for explaining everything to me
Vickie H. | Dec 09, 2022

Dr Imegwu and his staff are thoughtful, courteous, and professional. His nurse, Fiore, is especially helpful.
Paul R. | Dec 09, 2022

Office staff professional. Dr was caring and compassionate.
Harriet F. | Dec 07, 2022

I was very pleased with the staff. They were courteous and professional.
Randall K. | Dec 07, 2022

Didn’t wait long to be seen , very friendly staff, doctor took her time in explaining, no rushing at all
Linda C. | Dec 07, 2022

Dr Imegwu and his staff are awesome. I so appreciate all they are trying to do to help my dad. Thank you!
Ralph A. | Dec 07, 2022

Kind, considerate, from office to doctor. The doctor answered all my questions fully and without rushing.
Audrey F. | Dec 06, 2022

Everyone is very pleasant and makes you comfortable. Dr. Immegu is excellent and explains everything clearly.
Margaret P. | Dec 06, 2022

Very professional Dr.And Staff
Linda S. | Dec 06, 2022

Seen quickly after check in. Nurse whom I met first was courteous, understanding, and comforting. Dr Sugarman absolutely thorough in his examination and explanation of my current diagnosis and of the impending surgery
William F. | Dec 06, 2022

My Experience was very rewarding the staff was great
Vera S. | Dec 04, 2022

Very satisfied
Anthony F. | Nov 30, 2022

Doctor and staff are awesome.
Thaddeus K. | Nov 30, 2022

I thought I had a very good experience
Donald D. | Nov 29, 2022

Listens and very understanding with explaining the pathology report. Dr. Btyczkowski is a very caring and wonderful doctor. I will always go and see her if I need any surgeries going forward.
Lisa B. | Nov 29, 2022

Friendly staff. Dr B readily answers questions. Excellent Doctor & staff. Would highly recommend
Laura C. | Nov 29, 2022

Doctor explained why I needed surgery, checked with my referring physician. Employee scheduled operation with instructions.
Linda W. | Nov 29, 2022

Elba V. | Nov 29, 2022

Everyone is so professional, but warm and friendly at the same time! I have such confidence in Dr. Imegwu! Thank you.
Linda P. | Nov 23, 2022

Dr Imegwu is intelligent, compassionate and considerate. He took all the time to explain what was happening in my mom’s legs at a level that I understood. It was such a great experience that I’ve already told several people if they are looking for a vascular dr to see him.
Ouida V. | Nov 23, 2022

Great, professional doctor , very friendly personnel !
Pawel K. | Nov 23, 2022

Professional staff. Caring, quick, and to the point.
Donna Y. | Nov 22, 2022

The doctor and the entire staff were knowledgeable, helpful, and they were really able to put me at ease.
Annette S. | Nov 21, 2022

Very nice experience.
Shirley C. | Nov 19, 2022

Easy to talk to Listened
Donald P. | Nov 19, 2022

Very good overall. Jenn is excellent!
John M. | Nov 16, 2022

Dr. Sugarmann and his staff were very pleasant and listened to my concerns.
Maria D. | Nov 16, 2022

The appointment was prompt. The doctor’s staff are helpful, friendly, professional and caring. I am impressed with Dr. Imegwu. He is reassuring and very present to his patient and he performs procedures with great confidence and skill.
Marie P. | Nov 16, 2022

Everyone was awesome. I was in the medical field for 50 years.
Richard L. | Nov 14, 2022

Very comfortable and Dr. Bryczkowski was exceptional and patient with all questions and explanations.
Jamie M. | Nov 14, 2022

Dr. Bryczkowski went through and explained the surgery in detail as to how it is performed and what is used. She went through the recovery process and what to expect. She answered any questions we had.
Aida S. | Nov 14, 2022

He is a great surgeon and has a very nice bedside manner.
Beth N. | Nov 12, 2022

Very positive encounter with Dr. Seenivasan.
Raymond I. | Nov 11, 2022

Dr. Seenivasan is very knowledgeable and engaging.
William F. | Nov 10, 2022

Professional and friendly!
Darice M. | Nov 10, 2022

Very caring doctor & staff
Joann D. | Nov 09, 2022

Marion C. | Nov 08, 2022

Dr Sarah B. Was excellent. Personal, informative and reassuring.
Maryann T. | Nov 07, 2022

Great with explaining what I have and what to do. Draws sketch . Love him
Karen R. | Nov 07, 2022

Very comprehensive, thorough pre surgery consultation with Dr. B. Very good bedside manner.
John S. | Nov 06, 2022

Informative and occurred on time. Great Surgeon.
Cornelius H. | Nov 06, 2022

Dr took his time explaining every detail and options with the procedure that he will perform. Answered all my questions I didn’t feel rushed. His staff was excellent. Surgery scheduling was fast and efficient I fully understand everything that I have to do prior.
Michael M. | Nov 05, 2022

Pleasant. All my questions answered in terminology i could understand. Dr Sugarmann very proffessional.
Debra B. | Nov 02, 2022

Extremely professional, he left me feeling confident about any surgery that I may have in the near future. I feel very safe about and comfortable about me experience there.
Judith S. | Nov 02, 2022

Dr.Imegwu is a skilled surgeon and a great communicator. A humble person who saved my life and my brain with carotid surgery. I will be forever grateful. Cornelius Hanley
Cornelius H. | Nov 01, 2022

Dr and staff were very nice and helpful.
John D. | Oct 31, 2022

very personable and professional.
Patrick B. | Oct 31, 2022

Exceptional ‼️
John S. | Oct 28, 2022

On time and addressed what I came in for.
Cheryl M. | Oct 27, 2022

Very good. Dr. Explained everything. Office staff was very nice.
Sharon B. | Oct 26, 2022

He is always pleasant and professional at every visit. Excellent surgeon!!!
Nenita R. | Oct 26, 2022

Very pleasant and professional. All my questions were answered.
Steven L. | Oct 25, 2022

The doctor and assistant explain what was needed and explain the procedure. The office staff was very good when scheduling the hernia procedure and explained the process clearly.
Debra K. | Oct 24, 2022

Never felt rushed when trying to understand what was going on with my health. Explanation was in depth. Awsome bed side manner!
Tara C. | Oct 22, 2022

Beverly H. | Oct 22, 2022

Great job forvide all information that need to given!!
Robert Y. | Oct 19, 2022

Leg pain – proposed a plan.
William C. | Oct 14, 2022

Dr. Imegwu is very caring and truly listens to all I had to say. Office staff were all friendly and helpful. The office and exam rooms are immaculately clean.
Margaret F. | Oct 11, 2022

It was very good nurse and receptionist very nice A very pleasant visit
Lynford M. | Oct 11, 2022

Very pleasant and thoroughly explained my situation to me . Good experience with everyone at the office
Walter B. | Oct 10, 2022

Very informative explained everything theDx the procedure the treatment in detail All my questions were answeredAll my concerns were addressed.When I left I was informed reassured&confident with theDr. And the entire Staff.Which theDr.&Staff was friendly professional&helpful What a Blessing
Barbara D. | Oct 05, 2022

visit was on time. doctor answered all questions I had and was short.
Judith D. | Oct 05, 2022

DR. B was very kind and answered all of my questions.
Louis C. | Oct 04, 2022

Rosemarie B. | Oct 03, 2022

Appointment right on time. Had to call Surgery Coordinator for a date for Surgery. I have the date. Everything right on Target.
George S. | Oct 02, 2022

Barbara P. | Oct 01, 2022

Visited Dr. Seenivasan to discuss possible surgery for a hernia. It was an extremely positive experience… During the diagnosis, he answered all of my questions and concerns and I am feeling very comfortable about my upcoming procedure…
Arthur L. | Sep 29, 2022

receptionist was professional, considerate and aware of my needs.
Richard H. | Sep 28, 2022

Very Welcome pleasant and professional.
Rosemary M. | Sep 27, 2022

Dr Seenivasan is not only the best surgeon, he truly cares for his patients.
Dolores W. | Sep 27, 2022

I had a good experience
Edward R. | Sep 23, 2022

Very pleasant
Judy U. | Sep 20, 2022

Habib Z. | Sep 20, 2022

Dr. Imegwu was very happy with my tests results and only wants the tests to be once a year.
Daniel L. | Sep 18, 2022

Exce Analysis Full details Patient feels comfortable
Frank G. | Sep 17, 2022

good and very informative
Hubert L. | Sep 16, 2022

Everyone was friendly and helpful
Joyce L. | Sep 16, 2022

Prompt professional courteous set my mind at ease
Charles A. | Sep 12, 2022

Saw Dr S, 15 years ago for a procedure. When I learned of a new need, he was my first call. Put my mind at ease, great bedside manner
Louis L. | Sep 09, 2022

Honest professional appt very satisfied
Eric S. | Sep 08, 2022

Excellent surgeon. Very nice person.
Krzysztof B. | Sep 08, 2022

Great doctor, very nice and caring, would like to see more doctors like him
Cristian S. | Sep 08, 2022

Pleasant staff, physician attentive and caring
Ralph B. | Sep 03, 2022

I’ve had nothing but praise for this office. Doctors and staff are the best in my opinion!!!
Dennis D. | Aug 31, 2022

Dr Seenivasan explained the surgery and answered any questions that I had.
Kathleen P. | Aug 26, 2022

Dr.Seenivasan and his staff are very pleasant to speak with.I would recommend him to anyone terrific bedside manner
Roseann C. | Aug 26, 2022

Very attentive – listened to my concerns and addressed all. Was able to offer solutions to the problem. Thank you!!
Lorraine L. | Aug 25, 2022

I was cared for my procedure in a professional manner, and was comfortable throughout my time at the clinic.
Reid B. | Aug 24, 2022

The doctor was straight and to the point Suggesting a better direction with the surgery that I did not think was available. He was very personable and very easy to understand. He explained it in layman’s terms.
Daniel M. | Aug 23, 2022

Over my experience today was very good.
Vera S. | Aug 23, 2022

All staff were kind and made my visit comfortable. Thank you all. Keep up the great work
Lori F. | Aug 23, 2022

Dr.Seenivasan and all his staff are very caring , kind and helpful. They acted very fast to help me get my cyst drained. Would recommend them in a heartbeat.
Aarthi J. | Aug 23, 2022

Dr. Bryczowski and her staff were so great! They were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Bryczowski was very thorough and was able to give me the information I needed to solve my medical information. She also was so helpful in giving me reference to other doctors I will need in the future. I give them all a five. I was running behind and they were understanding and patient with me
Rhonda B. | Aug 23, 2022

Absolutely excellent
Michael R. | Aug 22, 2022

Excellent exceptional doctor Always a great office visit, also saved my life with bilateral femur surgery 6 1/2 hrs operation. Sincerely Larry m ziemba⁰
Larry Z. | Aug 21, 2022

Friendly, offered explanations.
Raymond C. | Aug 20, 2022

Everyone courteous & helpful. Special thanks to Dr. Seenivasan, Pam, Lauren, Kristen & Catherine. Pam – you deserve a medal!
Diane K. | Aug 19, 2022

Patient, kind, understanding and answered all my questions!
BJ Delores B. | Aug 19, 2022

Professional and gentle..explaining as he proceed. Great job !!!!
Marva E. | Aug 19, 2022

It was polite, friendly, relaxing
Florence K. | Aug 19, 2022

Overall great experience at the doctor office Dr. Seenivasan great doctor.
Sandra K. | Aug 19, 2022

Dr. Seenivasan was impressive, helpful. The Office staff is friendly, courteous & helpful, Pam was great.
Diane K. | Aug 18, 2022

Good experience overall, surgery went well with no complications. Only thing I would have liked is a more in-depth follow-up appointment with regards to why my blood pressure was so low, and what is normal after surgery. Dr. Sugarmann and team was great with everything except sensitivity to my level of pain, I think only prescribing 6 pills as a standard after surgery is way too conservative. I am happy with the results though, and the healing process.
Ellen K. | Aug 18, 2022

Dr. Sugarman explained everything and there were no surprises. Care, attention and explanation of procedure and post op possibilities, both on the day of surgery and in the office, we’re top rate.
Michael I. | Aug 17, 2022

I have had a wonderful experience with all of the staff at Somerset surgical associates and with Dr Sugarmann. He was kind, attentive and thorough.
Erika N. | Aug 17, 2022

Great dr great results
David H. | Aug 17, 2022

Scott C. | Aug 17, 2022

Outstanding staff. Extremely clean. Very efficient
Colleen L. | Aug 16, 2022

Everyone was very helpful and patient Everything was explained. I was made to feel very comfortable.
Margaret P. | Aug 16, 2022

Very nice office. Staff was friendly as was Dr Sugarmann
Anna Marie C. | Aug 16, 2022

Dr and staff were very supportive
Carolyn V. | Aug 16, 2022

Excellent surgeon
Marianne S. | Aug 16, 2022

No issues to report staff was friendly and was taken onTime
Kevin A. | Aug 15, 2022

Dr. Imegwu is great. He is very thorough and takes time to explain things to you.
Patricia D. | Aug 15, 2022

I love it !! Very professional …
Rosario R. | Aug 12, 2022

Clean, didn’t have to wait for days and Doctor S. Assured me he’d take good care of me, to which I asked that he not stay out late the night prior to my surgery… we both laughed
Bruno R. | Aug 12, 2022

Excellent experience. Office staff were all very friendly and helpful. Well organized. Dr. Imegwu was great.
Elzbieta B. | Aug 12, 2022

It was just my first visit so time will tell after surgery.
Scott S. | Aug 11, 2022

The doctor makes me comfortable that he has my best interest and I’m given clear results and options of care. I also like that the doctor always asked if you have any concerns or questions and takes the time to be sure you have all of them anwsered.
Carol L. | Aug 11, 2022

Dr.B.Was very clear in her speech and discussion. She explained my situation and readily answered all my questions. She is definitely an asset to the practice!
Arlene R. | Aug 10, 2022

Paul R. | Aug 10, 2022

very excellent very good care and a great doctor nice people
Milagro M. | Aug 10, 2022

Very good
Edward M. | Aug 10, 2022

Robert M. | Aug 10, 2022

Absolutely loved Dr. Imegwu! He has such a wonderful reputation and now I can see why after meeting him today! He explains everything in detail and also to my understanding, and he has such a kind and pleasant personality which is not something you see everyday with doctors! Most doctors are in a rush and want to provide a 5 minute office visit, but not Dr. Imegwu! He allocated the right amount of time with complete thoroughness and even performed a Doppler study right on the premise, without having to come back for an additional appointment. I will continue to only see him and I would highly recommend this practice to all individuals!
Maria P. | Aug 09, 2022

I had emergency colostomy surgery by Dr. Seenivasan. Went through a lot but had the best surgeon!!!
Deborah C. | Aug 09, 2022

I had an appointment with Dr. Seenivasan to follow up on a recent mammogram and sonogram. His expertise and kind, caring manner makes me feel completely confident that my health is in good hands. Thank you to him and his staff for making me feel comfortable and cared for.
Janet G. | Aug 09, 2022

I had a very good experience,not only was the wait short.But staffers very professional. I would definitely recommend Doc.Seeivasan and the medical facility to someone who needed the services they provide
Barbara M. | Aug 09, 2022

The whole process went smooth from start to finish. Dr. Bryczkowski did everything she she said she was going to do. I felt good after the surgery. Very minor pain. A week later I was back to normal. Overall, I feel satisfied with Dr. Bryczkowski’s treatment.
Ervis H. | Aug 09, 2022

Disgustingly rude receptionist, the nurse for the dr didn’t even ask me any questions I had to ask if she needs any information they wouldn’t have known any new medications even if that’s my responsibility to tell them. The doctor is great quick efficient and through
Georgiana D. | Aug 09, 2022

very professional and his medical staff aswell
Franklin A. | Aug 09, 2022

Everything you would want it to be
Barbara J. | Aug 09, 2022

Top notch experience in all respects!
Phillip S. | Aug 08, 2022

Amazing bed side manner’s. Explain in detail my condition. I am very pleased with her service.
Luis R. | Aug 08, 2022

Robert P. | Aug 08, 2022

My experience was fine and informative.
Evelyn S. | Aug 08, 2022

Excellent medical advice and efficient front desk personnel
Dawn M. | Aug 08, 2022

Very good job!
Odalis R. | Aug 08, 2022

She is wonderful All questions were answered Photographs of the procedure were supplied…just wonderful I would rather have not needed the operation but as long as I did need it I am glad she was my surgeon
Barbara J. | Aug 08, 2022

Erlinda V. | Aug 07, 2022

got in to see Doctor quickly and received great care, doctor is sending my for testing to determine cause so all very helpful
Robert S. | Aug 06, 2022

Dr. Imegwu and his staff made me feel very comfortable. They explained my future procedure to me in great length. They were informative and reassuring.
Lynn B. | Aug 05, 2022

Very professional, outgoing on time explains details
Donna T. | Aug 05, 2022

Dr obi Imegwa encouraged me to ask and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. Attending nurses were very personable, helpful and wrote down, what I needed to do, for next six weeks, on a prescription paper. This is the best vascular surgical group I have come across to date and will highly recommend them to other patients
Kashmiri M. | Aug 05, 2022

Very good.
Joan C. | Aug 05, 2022

Very prompt and professional care. I needed more anesthesia and Dr.Imegwu addressed this right away.Everyone attentive to me
Diane C. | Aug 05, 2022

Rosemary M. | Aug 04, 2022

Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and CARING
Patricia L. | Aug 03, 2022

The doctor did an excellent job on widening my wound to prevent infection and improve the healing process. He used, an unknown proceeder to me, to remove blood from the operation. The device was and I didn’t experience pain throughout the operation and after. This person was meant to be a doctor because of his knowledge and the way he treats his patients.
Ronald D. | Aug 02, 2022

Great staff and Dr. Seenivasin is the best!
Joann R. | Aug 02, 2022

Prompt. Staff was courteous and professional. Dr. Imegwu was thorough and professional
Martha A. | Jul 23, 2022

This was my first time with Dr. Imegwu and his staff. I was very happy with how I was treated by everyone. Dr. Imegwu listened to me and answered my questions.
Catherine P. | Jul 14, 2022

She was so pleasant and took the time to listen to me. Bedside manner was exceptional! She made me feel at ease and I would definitely go back if I should ever need surgical treatment.
Tara M. | Jul 13, 2022

Dr. Bryczkowski has a wonderful bedside manner. She was excellent at explaining the procedure and was open to answering all of my questions! 🙂
Pat S. | Jul 13, 2022

my experience was great
Peter M. | Jul 06, 2022

From initial contact to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sugarmann, I found the office staff from the receptionist to the medical intake coordinator a positive experience. Everyone was professional, treated the patients with courtesy and respect. Dr. Sugarmann was detailed in his explanation of the procedure, answered all questions without hesitation, a pleasure to deal with.
Kathleen V. | Jul 06, 2022

Easy to talk to. Dr B inspires confidence and was responsive to my requests.
Debora S. | Jul 06, 2022

Very long wait.
Ellen W. | Jul 05, 2022

Dr B was the best. She showed care. Compassion and professionalism. She always spent the time to explain everything and patiently answered my many questions and concerns.
Debra R. | Jul 05, 2022

Veee re g pleasant and professional.
Elaine M. | Jul 01, 2022

Positive experience. Doctor was able to answer all my questions and was very thorough with them too.
Shanker B. | Jul 01, 2022